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Rehairs & Repairs

Rehairs & Repairs

Rehairs & Repairs are usually carried out on Tuesdays. Please get bows to us by the previous Saturday as we are closed on Sundays and Mondays. Bows can be collected from mid-day on Wednesdays, unless the repair is complex. Prices (including V.A.T.):

Rehairs (we only use the best hair)

Violin - unbleached Mongolian



Viola - unbleached Mongolian



Cello - unbleached Mongolian



Double Bass - unbleached Mongolian (white, cream, grey/brown or black)



Shorten or stretch existing hair, re-spread & re-wedge



PLEASE NOTE Rather than rehairing a cheap beginners’ bow, we can often replace it with a new one for well under the above cost of a rehair.

Stick Work

Clean bow & recondition hair



Straighten and/or re-camber stick


£100.00 (Minimum)

Glue crack and thread-whip


Please Apply

Renew head, splices, grafts etc.


Please Apply


Leather thumbgrip



Silver lap & leather thumbgrip



Silver lap & leather thumbgrip, double bass



2-Piece leather lap



Simulated whalebone lapping or French thread (silver or coloured) or stainless steel & leather thumbgrip



Re-Facing Head

Silver face, lined



Silver face, lined, double bass



Face, mammoth, lined



Face, mammoth, lined, double bass



Face, imitation ivory or bone or nickel , lined



Face, imitation ivory or bone or nickel , lined, double bass



Frog & Adjuster Work

Bush & re-drill shaft screw-holes



New eyelet & adjust



Supply & fit screw & eye



Supply & fit silver adjuster


£100.00 (Minimum)

Steel screw & nickel adjuster



Reseat loose underslide



Silver pin



Make & fit new silver ferrule



Fit new nickel ferrule



Fit shell eye



Fit shell slide



New ebony tongue to frog



Insurance Claim

Write damage or “Write-off” report to insurance company



Rehairs & Repairs by Post

Much the safest way is to bring your bow to us in person, when also your needs can be discussed in person. However if this is not possible:

1. The bow must be covered by an up-to-date specialist insurance policy.

2. Always de-tension the hair before sending.

3. Tie a large luggage label to the stick.  
Front: Your name, address, telephone numbers and email address, plus an identifying description of the bow, name-brand, materials of the frog and tip (if known) and violin/viola/cello or bass and overall length in mm. 
Back: Work requested: Rehair (black/white/brown), Face (mammoth or synthetic ivory, bone, gold, silver or nickel), Lapping (thumbgrip only or including gold wire, silver wire, gold thread, silver thread, simulated whalebone or leather) or other work (see our above list of repairs).  If the stick suffered accidental damage, please ask if you wish us to provide an insurance  report or “Write-off” report.  Please note that routine wear-and-tear to expendables -  hair, lapping etc. is not insurable or covered.

4. Wrap the bow in bubblewrap (especially protecting its two ends), feed it  snugly but not tightly into an 850mm long plastic tube (our postal tubes or 45mm wastepipe for violin and viola, 65mm wastepipe for cello, or 80mm downpipe for double bass bows). The Post Office does not accept tubes longer that 850mm, nor boxes.

5. Seal the tube with parcel tape and address it “Bowspeed, 10 Perry Road (Park Row), Bristol, BS1 5BG”, send it by 'Special Delivery' when it can be insured during transit for its replacement value (maximum £2500).  

6. Upon receiving the bow, we will acknowledge this and double-check the bow’s problems.

7. We normally rehair etc. on Mondays, so from Tuesdays onwards please phone us on  0117 3309090 to check whether your bow is ready for collection or posting back.