Purchasing & Our Policies

PERSONAL VISITS  by players and teachers and parents are always welcomed. Our vast stocks can be inspected in our showroom and tried out in the privacy of our trying-out rooms. If additional deciding-time is needed, up to 4 bows may be loaned out on 14 days’ approval in exchange for your card details and a small insurance fee.

BOWS BY MAIL-APPROVAL  Please telephone us to discuss your needs from our bow-list. Up to four bows may be sent to you on 14 days’ approval. We ask for your card details and a small insurance fee. We immediately send the bow selection to you in suitable returnable packaging.  We pay for the outward postage/carriage cost and you pay for the return cost.


  • We accept all major credit cards (excluding American Express), telephone payments, cheques and BACS transfers.
  • All items remain our property until payment is completed.
  • Bow sales include a “Care of the Bow” pamphlet and a receipt (bill-of-sale).
  • Our receipt includes an authenticating description and the value for insurance purposes.
  • We offer to arrange bow insurance cover from the specialist Allianz Insurance Company.
  • The maker’s 12-month guarantee of soundness is legally applicable to all new items, and our 12-month guarantee of soundness applies to all old items sold, excluding of course to wear and tear to expendable components such as bowhair, lappings , rosins etc.


DATA PROTECTION ACT Being registered Z9799384 with the governing Information Commissioner’s Office, we are permitted to contact, mail or email those having a Legitimate Interest in stringed instruments, bows and accessories. We protect the names and contact details of such recipients by undertaking not to pass to or to share same with any third party. At any time, recipients may write or email us to unsubscribe from our database.

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